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Magnetic Drive Seal-Less Chemical Process Pumps
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Barrel Pumps, Gear Pumps, Chemical Process Pumps, Multistage High Pressure Pumps, Magnetic Pumps, Mumbai, India



C. Bole & Co. offers wide range of Seal-less Magnetic Drive Monoblock chemical process pumps which ensures 100% leakproof operation. They are ideal for transfer of corrosive chemicals, acids, dyes, solvents, toxic and fuming liquids, petrol, kerosene, water etc.

They are useful in chemical industries, pharmaceutical and food processing industries, Textile Dying Houses, Electroplating Plants, Laboratory Equipments, Medical Equipments, X-Ray Film Plants, Photo Processing, Liquid dispensing machines and fountains etc.

Materials of construction for Casing is GF Polypropylene, Derlin and Impeller in GF Polypropylene Nylon. Pump body outer casing made of Aluminium Alloy. Pumps are close fitted to Single/Three Phase Electric Motor for continuous ratings.

Magnetic design eliminates the conventional method of shaft coupling. Hence the pump casing is fully sealed from drive end which gives away the use of conventional sealing system. There is no seal used and hence no troublesome seal repairing and replacement, leakage and production lost. They prevent slippage and ensure that full motor horsepower is converted into pumping power.

Various models Seal-less Pumps for better range selection are special because they do not use any standard seal arrangement offering wide application. Benefits include features like 100% leakproof, chemical resistance, low power input, simple construction, low price etc. The total head range from 0 to 12 mts. & flow from 0 to 130 LPM.

They are used in various application as photo cine/ x ray/ filtration plants, colour or B/W processor, electroplating/ metal finishing machines, water treatment/ etching machines etc.

It can operates on 220/240 Volts A/c, 50 Hz Single Phase Power Supply as well as on 420/440 Volts, A/c, 50 Hz, Three Phase power supply also.

They can pump liquid having max. specific gravity of 1.4 max. viscosity of 500 centipoise, liquid temp. between 00 to 800 C, the pumps wetted components are polypropylene, viton, teflon and ceramic. For chemical compatibility and any further clarification contact factory.

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