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Barrel Pumps
Barrel Pumps
Gear Pumps
Chemical Process Pumps
Self Priming Pumps
Magnetic Pumps
Multistage High Pressure Pumps
Diaphragm Pumps
Vertical Sump Pumps
Hydraulic Test Pumps


Barrel Pumps, Gear Pumps, Chemical Process Pumps, Multistage High Pressure Pumps, Magnetic Pumps, Mumbai, India

Hand Operated

C. Bole & Co. offers wide range of MONEX Barrel Pumps.

Type :
Hand Operated - Slide Vane Type -
Salient Features:

Easy running-Trouble Free-Long lasting, Self-priming.
Prevents splashing, glugging, spillage and wastage.
Light, handy and durable. Full Rotary 360 Degree running, Works in both directions i.e. clockwise and anticlockwise.

Pumps are very useful for emptying Liquids/Oil/Acid/Corrosive liquids etc.

1. M.O.C. – CAST IRON.

suitable for handling non-corrosive liquids/Oils/Diesel etc.

Cast Iron Pumps are suitable for dispensing non-corrosive Liquids like Diesel, furnace oil-Edible oil, Crude oil, Kerosene,-Petrol etc and similar liquids.


Stainless Steel 316 Quality.

Features :-
Non-sparking type with Teflon vanes and Seal, SS Body compatible for most of the corrosive liquids, Acids as well as for the solvents etc. No rubber parts.

Barrel Pumps are complete with Suction pipe of barrel length fitted with threaded adjustable barrel adaptor connection, operating handle and discharge bent for fitting hose.

Motorized, Air operated, Flameproof in different material of construction such as Stainless Steel 316, Polypropylene, M.S., Aluminium for handling variety of viscous and Non-viscous liquids like solvents, Alkalies, Pesticides, Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Inflammable corrosive liquids, Varnishes, Petroleum Products, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals & Degreasing Agents, Glucose, Honey, Glycerine, Shampoo, Paints and other highly viscous liquids.

    C. Bole & Co Engineers
Address :

61, Narayan Dhuru Street, Mumbai - 400003, Maharashtra, India.

Tel : (off). : 91-22-2342 4350 / 23429641
Fax : 91-22-2342 4040
Email :
Website : www.cboleco.com www.cboleblowers.com

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